The Doctor’s Rx

This is the third in a series of blogs from our Founder, John Kerr, reflecting on his recent trip to Oaxaca.

Rx for DISAPPOINTMENT: Take two flowers, or as needed. One per day for two days…be sure to complete the entire Rx for best results

Noami is an all-world cute and all-world sweet 9-year-old 3rd grader whom I have written about before. Who wouldn’t love this age group?  She is smart, fun, and funny. And she still thinks adults might be smart, fun, and even funny!  Well, maybe not smart.

Every time I am at Símbolos Patrios we hang out a little and we laugh and have fun.  I will stay away from the word “favorite” but will rather say we have a special connection!  All who have been to Oaxaca will understand.

So I am looking for Noemi for the second day in a row and I am told she has moved on to another school.  I tried to hide my disappointment in front of all the other really wonderful sweet kids who are at the Símbolos Patrios School.

Two of them took off racing to find a teacher who seemed to know where all the departed children would be.  I sort of moved on and was talking and having fun with a group of about 7 kids when I locked eyes with this one—a very familiar one—and I said, “Wait a minute precious one. What is YOUR name?”…and I knew who she was and she knew who I was before her slightly tilted shy little face sweetly smiled and came out with a big smile and softly said “Noemi!”…Gulp…!!!

I can be such an emotional sap!  It ain’t pretty…but I did pretty well…I said, “We are special friends, aren’t we!” and she affirmed that with a very big grin and a little hug…I could tell she was happy about the whole thing. How the mix up happened about her being at another school we never figured out. I was pronouncing her name correctly…kind of…but surely that was part of the problem. Even Boni couldn’t figure it out. But, unlike my travel ventures (more on that later), all is well that ends well, right?

Juan y Noemi

So Noemi went off to play with her girl friends for a while and I toured the new computer lab with Boni.  About 30 minutes later Noemi came back with some of her friends.  She stood right in front of me…she is not very tall…extended her arms straight up to me and in them was a big beautiful yellow flower.  No, she didn’t have one for everybody. Just me and I didn’t cry…well kind of almost didn’t cause it was very sweet…and lots of people get like that when they take their prescriptions.  This one made me feel better than any of those I take everyday for this and that!  And it was totally organic with no co-pay!  And it didn’t make me drowsy…in fact it made me feel incredibly energetic like I wanted to dance!!!  And I have never felt better not even after red wine. Thanks you, Noemi!

We know that there was an 80% probability that Noemi and her sister and brother were arriving at school having eaten nothing or only tortilla and coffee.  And Friends of Pimpollo has worked hard to raise the money to provide Noemi and the other wonderful kids the nutrition and technology they need to get the education they need. At times it is hard!  We need more money so we can take our programs to more schools and more kids like Noemi and we need more good people to help us with our fundraisers and our committees.  But it sure gets a lot easier when you see the value of the FOP programs reflected in the love of  a poor child who is benefitting greatly and having her life and the life of her family changed by FOP programs.  Come with me in March and meet Noemi and the other wonderful kids we serve in Oaxaca.  It will change your life too.



Up next: the second part of the Rx…Cheli arrives and more about Noemi’s family.

“It is not how much you do, it is how much love you put in the doing.”  Mother Teresa