Some Team 50 photos

Today was the end of Team 50 Phase 1, in Tuxtla and San Cristobal with our scholarship students. Julie, John, Susan, Jorge, and I got on a bus this afternoon and made it to Juchitan before dinner. We spent a few hours with the kids at the Pimpollo Home for Children, and it was wonderful. I’ll have more updates and pictures for you tomorrow, but for now, here’s a photo overview of our time in Tuxtla:

Lula is one of our scholarship kids who wants to study nursing and later become a gynecologist. She and John have a very special relationship thanks to all her years at Pimpollo Home for Children.

This sign hangs on the wall of the student house, listing the rules the students chose themselves: no smoking or drinking, no friends after 9 pm, only relatives stay the night, no tv when someone is studying. It exemplifies the maturity of these students and their ability to get along.

Team 50 (so far) with Magos, our soon-to-be graduate!

The San Cristobal kids are starting a garden to help decrease food expenses. Carlos, pictured here, is a senior studying sociology.

Nancy worked so hard to make meals for us at the San Cristobal house, and they were delicious! Nancy is studying Indigenous Language and Culture and wants to teach in a bilingual school in a nearby indigenous community.

On Saturday, we went to meet a family that makes and sells indigenous clothing. They let us try on the clothing- what an experience!

Rachel and Susan with Blanca, an impressive scholarship recipient who is a senior in high school and already studying nursing. We are wearing the shirts from Wears My Shirt, whose FOP site will launch in December. It’s gonna be cool!

Julie and Rachel rode back to Tuxtla in the back of the truck with Magos and Lula. We had a grand time chatting and taking pictures of the sunset and waving at passing cars.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about Team 50 Phase 2, Pimpollo!