Vicente Guerrero Community

Vicente Guerrero Program outside of Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca

In 2015, Friends of Pimpollo was proud to begin its seventh year of support of educational initiatives in Vicente Guerrero, a largely indigenous transitional community that encircles the Oaxaca municipal landfill. Most Vicente Guerrero families have little means of support. Resources are scarce, as many families turn to the landfill as a source of income. The Vicente Guerrero Program proudly supports 740 students in 14 preschool, primary and secondary schools in the area.

The program also supports hundreds of children and community members at the local community center. The Vicente Guerrero community center offers a variety of services for children, including reading programs, a bookmobile, computer classes, early education classes, and a summer program to promote learning and community development. The center also provides community members access to adult education classes. Over 100 adults participate in adult education classes every year to receive their equivalent of elementary, middle and high school certificates. Adults involved in this program who have children of their own realize the benefits of education and keeping their kids in school.


Friends of Pimpollo teams travel frequently to the Vicente Guerrero community. Teams have worked with the local families at Vicente Guerrero to build and paint school rooms, upgrade the community center, and pour pisos (floors) for families and school buildings.  Discussions are always underway to identify ways that we can expand our impact in this very impoverished community.

The Vicente Guerrero community is also home to our newest program, Oaxaca Kids Can.

With your support, Vicente Guerrero schools are transitioning from corrugated metal classrooms to formal school buildings, with electrical capability, glass windows and cement floors. Students like Noami (pictured, Símbolos Patrios student) have access to academic resources and learn in a healthy atmosphere, shielded from elements that might otherwise distract from an ideal learning environment.