Juan Rosember López Gutiérrez

RosemberName: Juan Rosember López Gutiérrez. I am from a ranch in Chilón, Chiapas which is called Bathzibiltic. I was born October 15th 1998.

My parents are Juan López Demeza and Ana Gutiérrez Moreno. My dad is a farmer and my mom is a housewife.

I became a member of the ECOSER house thanks to one of my high school teachers, her name is Lilian Cruz Rosales. One day I talked to her about my plans to study a bachelor’s degree and she told me she knew the program that helped young people in need to give them the chance to fulfill their dreams and to get a formation that helped them to become leaders in society and keep alive values that are getting lost these days.

Now, I am part of the program and they have taught me how to do teamwork, get along, coexist with others and meet the gospel.

Right now I am preparing to present the admission test at the Gastronomy Faculty, and taking cooking classes as I wait till the date comes.