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The Friends of Pimpollo mission also includes expanding the hearts and minds of our volunteers. At least twice per year, teams and individual volunteers travel to southern Mexico. Each team is unique. Our teams include:

  • Corporate teams
  • Skilled groups of healthcare workers
  • Project oriented teams – builders and painters, electricians, etc.
  • Grade school or high school community service teams
  • College students and recent graduates

Team visits are hands-on affairs that require only love and a willingness to help. Friends of Pimpollo volunteers pay their own travel and lodging expenses as well as a team project fee. They travel to southern Mexico to work, to play, and to spend time with those we serve, while experiencing the rich and wonderful culture of Oaxaca and Chiapas.

Anyone who travels with Friends of Pimpollo with an open mind and generous heart will leave with one, or several, special friends and the beginning of a lifetime bond.

Spring 2013 team

More than 60 teams have traveled to Mexico with Friends of Pimpollo. Team members work directly with members of the community, focusing on education and projects that fulfill community needs.

Teams of 10-12 people travel to program sites. Spanish language is not required. The memories from the trip will not only last a lifetime, but it is also the ultimate team building experience!

Our teams combine work, education and fun. Friends of Pimpollo teams members may paint school buildings, build classrooms, participate in community celebrations that mark progress for literacy students and celebrate new educational opportunity. Team members have many opportunities to meet and connect with students and their families.

Vicente Guerrero team

Teams stay in the vibrant city of Oaxaca and travel daily to the worksite. Following a fun and rewarding day in the community, team members have the chance to experience local craft villages, archaeological sites, and explore the bustling Oaxaca city center.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining a team or traveling with your corporate group.


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Friends of Pimpollo Team Application