Celso Miguel Barrón

CelsoI was born december 26th 1995, I am 21 years old. Thanks God I had the privilege to be born in a humble family with 4 siblings, Obed Enoc, Clari Isabel y Miguel Ángel. I am from a small town called Constitución Mexicana San Juan Mazatlán mixe, Oaxaca.

I was born in an Evangelical Christian family. When I was 6 years old I started to study in “Enrique C, Repsamen” primary school. I had very good grades, my school supplies were bought by my father, sometimes we went together to the country to work so we could gain money to buy what I needed, and sometimes I had to stop going to school to do that.

When I entered “Constitución Mexicana” secondary school, I had many health problems. During my adolescence too because everything that happened around me worried me. I was a very sickly boy, too shy and sometimes also proud when someone tried to humiliate me. I also felt bad because I felt in the bottom of my heart that I did love my grandparents, but they did not raise us as parents. I was always a rebel with them because even though I was a kid I did not think like a kid, they were not a good example to follow, they used to tell me “don’t do this o that” but they did it all. In the family of my grandparents we were too many.

I also stopped studying because my father, my uncle and my grandparents didn’t support me, they thought that finishing the secondary school was more than enough, but my dreams were different.

My father searched for the alternative to take us to a place that for him was the best, then though a teacher he knew Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca and “Pimpollo”. My siblings arrived there first, and then I. My dad was our inspiration to keep going forward, he would visit us every three months, until they did not let him get in anymore. In Pimpollo everything is different when there is no one to put order on the adolescents, and I did not get along with all of them, I had differences with them because the principles my father had tought me, they would not follow.

When I entered high school in “CBtis 205”. I was very enthusiastic to go and meet new friends and become a better person. My mind set had changed because in the house of Pimpollo I had lived together with some partners who had similar histories as mine or their parents left them when they were very young, and learned I was not the only one. In high school I made many friends.

Now, I am in third semester of Geomatic engineering in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas México.