Lined up for school breakfast at Símbolos Patrios

At 10:30 am, a nutritious meal is served that provides over 100 students with the energy to thrive in the classroom. Before, hungry students struggled to focus as the day went on. Now, the school day has been extended by a half-hour and performance has skyrocketed in the classroom.


Focused students in class

Bicentenario elementary students hard at work in Vicente Guerrero, Oaxaca.


Visiting Oaxaca with a FOP Team

VGDid you know that some FOP teams allow you to receive course credit?

Friends of Pimpollo hosted a Portland Community College team in Oaxaca this past fall. The PCC team visited local schools in Vicente Guerrero and worked on a construction project to add a wing of new classrooms.

11 team members mixed cement, cleaned, painted and participated in a children’s celebration with community members. “The team worked hard, but we played hard too. These trips are the best combination of work, play and learning” said team leader Cecelia Monto.

The FOP community is invited to participate in future trips to Oaxaca. Please contact us for future dates.

VG classroom built by Chemeketa team

A look into an elementary school classroom in Vicente Guerrero, constructed by community members and a recent Chemeketa Community College team.

VG classroom

Recess in Vicente Guerrero

Happy Monday! Students in Vicente Guerrero spend their recess laughing, jumping and playing in front of their classroom.


Preschool in Vicente Guerrero

Preschool students ready to learn in Vicente Guerrero

VG Preschool


Education effecting change in the world

At Friends of Pimpollo, our belief is that education is the key to effecting change in the world. Our work strives to promote opportunities through education in southern Mexico.


Gathering around a book at a Vicente Guerrero preschool

Early education classes at the community center

The Vicente Guerrero community center offers a wide variety of classes and activities. The center is frequently the destination of a traveling book mobile and visiting health and animal services. Classes offered include computer courses, a homework club, adult education classes, summer courses, music class, and an early education course, pictured below.

Community center volunteers actively encourage families to attend this class, which engages even the youngest children in song and activities.

Early Education

Partnering with local organizations in Oaxaca- Sikanda


Community members shred paper at a Vicente Guerrero preschool. The paper was used in the process to create nutrient-rich soil.

Friends of Pimpollo Program Director, Bonifacio Luis Hernández, actively partners with local Oaxacan organizations to benefit the community of Vicente Guerrero. Seen here, Sikanda (Solidaridad Internacional Kanda A.C., representatives met with community members and presented a workshop on soil and composting. The organization, with a focus on protection of the environment, has been working with local schools to build school gardens.


After a days work, community members recap the steps performed and discuss upkeep and future steps.

Music class at Libertad Primary School

Libertad Primary School in Vicente Guerrero now has a music class. Seen in this photo, the school band performed traditional Oaxacan music at a recent ceremony for adult education graduates.