Celebrating Carlos Leodan’s graduation in San Cristóbal, Chiapas

Carlos Leodan

Carlos Leodan in front of the student house in San Cristóbal

Carlos Leodan, an education scholarship student living at the student house in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas will graduate from college on July 16th. Congratulations Carlos!

Carlos will be graduating with a degree in Sociology from Universidad Autónoma de Chiapas. Learn more about Carlos here: Meet Carlos.

In June, there was a special lunch in Mexico celebrating Carlos’s graduation. Carlos’s family arrived from his hometown of Siltepec and prepared a large celebration for family, friends and other students. It was a fun time with much laughter and excitement for the upcoming graduation ceremony. And don’t forget the cake!

graduation lunch

Carlos enjoying the meal with ECOSER program director Felix and other party guests

Carlos will be in San Cristóbal until he takes his professional exam in August, but hopes to soon find a job near Siltepec. Stay tuned for more photos and updates on Carlos as he begins this new chapter in his life.

Carlos, family and ECOSER

Carlos Leodan with his family and ECOSER program directors Chelo and Felix

Students proud of their accomplishments on computers

Through Friends of Pimpollo, young students and adults are learning to use computers at the Vicente Guerrero Community Center.

Students hard at work during a computer class in Vicente Guerrero, Oaxaca.

When Board Member Cecelia Monto visited the classes, she found kids working hard to practice their new skills. “They just loved the computers, and they felt proud that they could show me how it works and what they were doing.”

Vicente Guerrero students receiving their certificates

This past month, 23 children completed the computer course and received certificates from FOP Director Bonifacio Luis Hernandez. Their parents also attended the ceremony, and expressed gratitude for the classes as they celebrated their children’s accomplishments. These classes are important because computer skills are growing to be essential for jobs and the future.

FOP Director Bonifacio Luis Hernandez and a computer class graduate

Blas and His Siblings at Home in Oaxaca

Eleven-year-old Blas lives with his parents and siblings near the garbage dump outside Oaxaca City. His family earns a living from the dump by collecting bottles to sell. “Living here is a little hard,” Blas says. “But I feel good because there is a lot of garbage so were able to earn some money.” Friends of Pimpollo’s support allows Blas to go to school, and will allow his siblings to do the same. “I want [my brothers and sisters] to think I am smart, and I want them to follow my example and go to school. 