Mission and Goals

Friends of Pimpollo is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization based in Salem, Oregon.

At Friends of Pimpollo, our belief is that education is the key to effecting change in the world. Our work strives to promote opportunities through education in southern Mexico.

Friends of Pimpollo Mission:

Our mission, as a volunteer organization, is to develop and support education based projects and programs focused on poor children and their families of Mexican heritage. We are committed to providing unconditional love and support, improving their lives, and helping them move towards a better future and self-sufficiency through education. We will do this by creating a bridge that connects them with volunteers and donors who want the opportunity to contribute, grow and change.

Our Goals for those we serve:

  • Design and implement programs and projects to help further educational opportunities
  • Develop close & trusting relationships
  • Raise awareness
  • Develop alliances with organizations that align with our vision, mission and guiding principals
  • Develop, nurture, honor, support and train our volunteer base to ensure ¬†productive, long-term involvement
  • Provide funds and sponsorships to accomplish goals and objectives

Our Guiding Principles:

  • We are a BRIDGE connecting volunteers and poor children and their families and through that connection, the lives of all those involved are enriched and changed.
  • We are INCLUSIVE and welcome people of all traditions who want to help poor children in need.
  • We are a VOLUNTEER organization with all donations from sponsorships going directly to support the needs of those in our programs.
  • We are a very PERSONAL mission involved where we get to know the children and families we serve.
  • We RESPECT the culture of those we serve and those who serve with us.
  • We VALUE and APPRECIATE the volunteers and donors that allow us to carry out our mission.