“A Rising Tide Raises All Boats”

A Rising Tide Raises All BoatsA special thank you to the St. John the Apostle fourth grade class for creating our centerpieces and decorations for this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations. The class designed over 300 boats of all varieties- canoes, barges, sailboats, cruise ships… all representing that “a rising tide raises all boats.”

The entire class attended the Salem Cinco de Mayo luncheon and three student representatives shared about the classes experience serving others:

“The reason we love Friends of Pimpollo is because they focus on education. Being students ourselves we know how important getting a good education is.

We have learned how education can break the cycle of poverty for these children. If they can get a good education they can get a good job. When they have children they won’t have to grow up in such hard conditions.

It is exactly why we are working so hard in school. We want to have a better life! We have dreams just like the children in Mexico do.

We have dreams to grow up and be successful. To provide for our families and to get the job we have always wanted.

We have dreams to make our world a better place and to serve others. We have the opportunity to follow those dreams. We want to make sure the children in Mexico have that same opportunity.”