A Couple o’ Great Kids!

Today was such a busy day, but it was busy with Pimpollo, so we didn’t mind. After spending a few days with the kids and updating our database, we will be ready to send child sponsorship updates when we get back. For now, I want to share a few quick photos and info about three great kids:

The young man in this photo is Geraldo, and he is one of the most attentive and responsible boys I’ve ever known. He attached himself to my side when we arrived at Pimpollo tonight, and then he hardly let me out of his sight. The electricity was out, and when we arrived, Geraldo ran up and asked if he could use my cell phone. I explained that it doesn’t work and asked why; he explained that someone needed to call the city electricians to tell them about the lights. He is eleven, hardly the oldest kid at Pimpollo, but he had noticed that no one else was calling, so he stepped up and did it. We played a few games of cards after the lights came back on, and he was so patient and careful as he taught me the rather confusing rules. When I won, he cheered for me. When he won, he apologized! How many eleven-year-olds do that?

This young lady is Daehena. She’s been at Pimpollo for a year, and she says that she and her brother Bryan are settling in. While the lights were out, Daehena sat next to me on the concrete front walkway and made shadow puppets with the light from my cell phone. When more kids gathered around, Daehena got pushed aside, but instead of whining, she just sat next to me again and leaned against me and started to chat about her life and my life and the future. She told me about her mom, working in Oaxaca, and how hard it is to be ten-years-old and only talk to your mom once a week, at best. She told me how much she wants to learn English, and proceeded to list the words she had picked up: dog, where, thank you, you’re welcome, table. Two days ago, I sat in the dining room and taught some of those words to a few older kids, but I had no idea Daehena was listening. It appears that she was not only listening, but she memorized them all! She really is a smart girl, and I certainly think she could make it all the way. I can’t wait to see what she becomes.

Susana has spent a lot of time in the last few days with an incredible kid named Isaac. Isaac is seven years old, we think, and is severely brain damaged. He still lives at Pimpollo, however, because the socialization helps him. He is currently attending school and going to physical therapy in Oaxaca. The PT seems to have helped a lot; last year, he couldn’t stand himself up, so he spent a lot of time on the ground. This year, he can stand up, walk alone, and balance himself so much better. He is also a really sweet kid, and I enjoyed the few minutes I spent sitting in the sunshine with him today.

There are so many more at Pimpollo who are growing and changing, but these three have touched my heart. If you’ve been down here and have special memories of a kid who touched yours, post a comment and share! If you’d like an update on someone, post a comment, and we’ll respond and let you know how they are. These are all great kids, and we’re proud of them!